What kind of application has rosemary oil in cosmetics?

More and more often, we introduce oils to our everyday body care routine. We believe that natural plant essences are the most effective and the safest products because they have been present in cosmetics and therapeutics since ages. The most favoured are the oils with herbal base. One of such oils is rosemary oil. What can it be used for? The possibilities are countless!

Anti-age facemask

Rosemary has rejuvenating action. Application of a rosemary facemask will facilitate delaying skin ageing processes and improve general look of face. Suffice it is to mix the rosemary oil with either fresh or dried, chopped mint leaves (you can use mint packed into tea bags). This kind of facemask delivers better outcomes than some face creams available in shops. It locks in moisture, relaxes, and cleanses up skin.

Oil Hair Treatment

Equally important is the positive action rosemary oil delivers to hair. It works perfect for conditioning both dry and grease hair because it able to moisture effectively and eliminate excessive sebum production. All at the same time! What is more, it can be applied directly to hair as it can enrich composition of, for example, shampoos and conditioners. Furthermore, rosemary oil has hair growth stimulating features.

Teeth cleansing

Probably, not everyone would come up with the idea of adding a vegetable oil to a toothpaste. Thanks to this procedure, the toothpaste wins additional features. For example, this kind of an upgraded toothpaste does not only cleanse teeth perfectly but also leaves teeth fresh and eliminates bad breath triggered by bacteria multiplication in oral cavity.

Relaxing massage

Due to its aromatherapeutic features and good formula, rosemary oil is suitable for body and scalp massaging. It counteracts fatigue, tension, improves blood circulation, eliminates rheumatics, period pains, as well as skin irritations. Rosemary massage is an effective relaxation technique that heals up plenty of ailments.

Aromatherapeutic bath

First and foremost, rosemary oil is an etheric oil which herbal aroma provides mental relax and eliminates signs of tiredness. Adding a few drops of rosemary oil to bath full of warm water facilitates relaxing and making upper respiratory tracts clear. What is more, our body can also benefit from being in contact with dissolved rosemary oil. Such a mixture helps with moistening and nourishing dermis.