Do you know Rosemary Oil? TOP hair care products

Oiling is a traditional Indian hair care method. It is effective, especially when we properly choose hair oils and use them regularly. Today, we focus on rosemary oil – its properties and benefits. We also briefly describe the best hair products of recent weeks.

Rosemary oil belongs to the group of essential oils that bring great health benefits and are quite effective in hair care. Why quite effective? You must follow certain rules when you use it in your beauty routine.

Rosemary Oil – information

It is extracted from a popular herb – rosemary. The composition of rosemary oil depends on the species of the plant it is extracted from. It offers a wide range of uses. For example, you can use the oil for a massage or bath. It is most commonly used in aromatherapy because – as an essential oil – it has a very soothing aroma that enhances healing and works antiseptically.

What are beauty benefits of rosemary oil?

  • It stops the aging processes of the cells.
  • It soothes irritation and hinders inflammation.
  • It works like an antibiotic and antiseptic.
  • It firms up the skin thus reduces cellulite.
  • It boosts the immune system and stimulates blood circulation.
  • It reinforces hair bulbs and weak hair ends.
  • It stops hair loss and reduces greasy hair.

Be careful! Essential oils in cosmetics!

We should mention the use of essential oils in beauty care while talking about rosemary oil. It is a vast topic but we sum it up. First of all, aromatherapy – unconventional treatment with aromas. Essential oils stimulate, relax and work as antiseptics. They are also popular as firming and rejuvenating products (e.g. massage cosmetic). Creams, balms, conditioners and hair oils are often enriched with essential oils (also rosemary oil). When you apply them topically, they reduce the appearance of blemishes. Moreover, they add some extra properties to cosmetics in combination with other oils and plant extracts.

However, we should keep in mind that rosemary oil (despite its valuable qualities) can irritate the skin. Essential oils must be used reasonably, in small amounts. Although products with essential oils are worth our choice, the cosmetics that don’t contain essential oils often bring better effects. You can see it clearly in the following review.

Do you know these cosmetics? The best hair care products!

Loved by women for the complex action, excellent ingredients and other assets. Here are the best-selling and good-value-for-money hair products. Check why they are worth choosing. Which one is the best?


Nanoil - the best hair oil for medium porosity hair

An innovative oil made especially for medium porosity hair (normal, frizzy, weak and dull). It is the most common hair type. Its characteristic is dangerously raised cuticle scales. Nanoil for medium porosity hair closes the scales thus reduces hair porosity and prevents the loss of water and nutrients. It is composed of six ideally selected oils: Macadamia Oil brings resilience; Argan Oil protects and regenerates; Marula Oil reinforces the water-lipid barrier; Jojoba Oil stops greasy hair and eliminates dandruff; Maracuja Oil adds shine, tames unruly strands and reduces the frizz; Coconut Oil protects delicate hair ends. What is important, Nanoil for medium porosity hair (similarly to two other versions) does not only work on the hair surface but also penetrates the hair and scalp. It is suitable for dry and wet hair oiling and works for scalp and overnight oiling as it is silicone-free and paraben-free. The oils are enhanced by extra components: vitamins, silk, UV filter and substances anti hair loss and for hair growth. A weightless and excellently absorbed oil is captured in a tasteful golden and black bottle. Nanoil for medium porosity hair neither leaves a greasy layer nor weighs the hair down (even used as a leave-in cosmetic).



A healing and cleansing scalp serum that works in a daily hair care. It cleanses and nourishes the scalp, restores softness and soothes the irritations. If you use it regularly, it restores proper pH thus stimulates healthy hair growth and stops hair loss. It consists of three essential oils: Peppermint Oil, Green Mint Oil and Wintergreen Oil. There is also aloe vera juice and meadowsweet extract. JMO Deep Scalp Purifying Serum – 59 ml of very interesting natural ingredients enriched with a vitamin complex. However, we should mention that the serum is made exclusively for scalp care so it cannot be applied to the hair. The variety of essential oils is a mixed blessing: if they come in large quantities, they can cause allergy and irritations.



It is a very interesting product dedicated for damaged hair care. A hair conditioner in the form of a powder is a solution proposed by Khadi to reinforce the hair and boost its volume. Pure Amla Powder (as the name suggests) is a powdered Amla or Indian Gooseberry. The cosmetic is free from any other substances so it is a natural formula that can be used as a shampoo or conditioner. It cleanses, nourishes and protects from free radicals and prevents graying. It is possible because Amla can darken the hair colour in a natural way. The powdered amla is also able to keep the scalp healthy, fresh and elastic. Unfortunately, you must mix the powder with water before the application. It would be perfect if you could use hot water, and leave in the thick paste for more or less 2 hours. Definitely, it is not a cost-effective cosmetic. Its main downside is the difficult application.



A special anti-aging mask – designed for dry, brittle and damaged hair – is one of the most interesting Alterna Haircare products. Most of all, it provides proper hydration, intensively nourishes, revitalizes and rejuvenates the hair. It contains only one oil – Flaxseed Oil- and seven plant extracts e.g. carrot, see algae, wasabi and caviar. Alterna Caviar Hair Mask is a rich formula. Sadly, it also includes silicones and dozens of artificial substances. Considering the high price, the brand might have included more natural ingredients. On the other hand, the mask can be praised for its delicate aroma and instant absorption. It delivers immediate softness. Alterna Caviar Masque is a rinse-out product.



Parisian Balmain Hair Couture is famous for its hair perfume. The brand’s nourishing vitamin spray is also worth attention. It is intended for fine hair that needs a bit different care. Although it holds only 50 ml, it is cost-effective. The design resembles perfume. The bottle conceals a few plant extracts. For instance, Balmain spray contains Salvia Extract, Sabal Minor Extract, Camomile Extract. It effectively protects the colour of hair thanks to antioxidants, and smooths the strands due to silk proteins. It is not all-natural but worth mentioning because of the Balmain’s popularity. The cosmetic can be applied to wet or dry hair. It does not have to be rinsed out. The application is easy thanks to a comfortable atomizer that evenly sprays the product onto the hair.