Rosemary - Natural Remedy For Agelessness.

Herbal essential oils are the natural remedies which let you stay healthy. They help in most common problems and are indispensable in every-day healing and beauty treatments. Rejuvenating properties of plant oils - among which rosemary oil reigns - are also worth mentioning. Can rosemary oil keep us forever young?

100% natural rosemary oil is an essential oil extracted from twigs and leaves of rosemary. It's a well-known European herb which is used in therapeutics and cooking. Cosmetic rosemary oil is extracted in Mediterranean regions of France. Its properties have been known since ancient times but they were forgotten for some time. Now, they are being rediscovered. There's a reason why rosmary oil is called one of the most precious aromatherapeutic oils in the world.

Rosemary oil is a quite light liquid straw-yellow oil. It is listed among oils of medium durability. However, its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimycotic, strengthening and anodyne properties are invaluable. You may use it in many ways therefore it's an infallible plant oil thanks to which we can make ourselves younger through aromatic bath, massage, cream enriched with the oil's properties or rosemary oil face mask.

Why will rosemary oil let you stay young?

  • 1. Rosemary oil stimulates skin microcirculation effectivelly therefore nutritional ingredients are delivered to skin cells and hair bulbs more quickly and more effectively; the skin and hair become better nourished, healthier, stronger and of course they look much younger.
  • 2. Rosemary essential oil is a very good antioxidant which eliminates damaging work of free radicals thus it reduces appearance of the signs of ageing e.g. wrinkles, crow's feet, discoloured skin and dull complexion.
  • 3. Pure rosemary oil improves skin's elasticity; thanks to regular use of rosemary oil the skin becomes stronger and tense whereas the firming up entails eliminating some problems e.g. cellulite.
  • 4. Rosemary essential oil is one of the few oils which energize instead of calming down. That's why aromatherapy with the use of rosemary oil provides stimulation. Energy, freshness and vitality always make us look and feel younger.
  • 5. Antimycotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary oil are also crucial. Skin free from acne, discolouration, lesions and scars always adds charm and rejuvenates.

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