How to use rosemary oil in hair care?

Essential plant oils are usually our best friends during a bath or winter evenings when we dream about lighting a scented candle and adding aroma with a few drops of fragrant oil. Interestingly, essential oils work well in cosmetics, not all of them of course. Rosemary oil is one of the oils which are suitable for every-day care. How to use rosemary in hair care?

#1 Choose essential oil which fits your needs!

Let’s face it – even best oil won’t work for every hair and choosing the right oil type for hair care is equally crucial as picking hair care method. Rosemary oil is a truly rewarding oil as it works on almost every head. It is most recommended for conditioning of problematic hair characterized by dandruff, oily and problematic scalp. It is less effective on dry skin. However, it still can be used for other hair types.

#2 Never use an essential oil separately!

Essential oils are really unrewarding – they can strongly overdry hair and skin therefore it is extremely important to use them in combination with a base oil. Rosemary essential oil feels best in combination with orange, pine, peppermint, lavender or tea tree oils. After all, jojoba oil will be the best base for any conditioning mixtures. It provides safe and deep moisturizing of the cells which won’t get hurt by rosemary essential oil.

#3 Trust in the properties of rosemary oil!

If you decide to use rosemary oil in hair care, give up using any other oils (essential oils in particular), obviously excluding the plant oil that you choose to be the base oil. If you want to stimulate hair growth, apply and rub into the scalp exclusively rosemary oil – don’t mix it with other oil which offers similar properties e.g. castor oil. Rosemary oil is a really effective hair care oil possessing lots of properties. Mixing it with too many oils may hinder its performance.