Gift of nature : 10 properties of rosemary oil

It is mostly common in the form of an essential oil, but you can encounter it in a form of macerate as well. It derives from European herbs and is recognized as one of the most valuable aromatherapy oils. Its properties are known to generations. What are we talking about? We are introducing rosemary essential oil. What are its characteristics?


Rosemary oil is a great natural antibacterial agent. Thanks to this, it is suitable for the treatment of certain skin problems, for example acne.


Another advantage of rosemary oil is its antifungal property. Thanks to this, it is possible to use the oil to treat dandruff, onychomycosis or for foot bath.


Rosemary supports the immune system. It is only one of the reasons why rosemary oil is used as the enrichment of cosmetics. Moreover, it effectively nourishes and strengthens your strands It is highly recommended to use it on weak, falling out hair.


Massages with the use of rosemary oil is not only an effective method of relaxation, but also provides analgesic results. Rosemary oil effectively reduces tension, as well as menstrual pain, or osteoarthritis.


Regarding to the anti-rheumatic properties of rosemary oil, we can refer to the previous point. First of all, it is not only pain and discomfort relieving, but also supporting of the treatment of the problem of rheumatism.


Rosemary oil (alone or in combination with another natural, vegetable oil) is very often used in the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). It is basically washing your face with the use of a combination of different oils. It has good cleansing and toning properties.


Massage with the use of rosemary oil can effectively warm you up because the oil rubbed in a circular motion into the skin will stimulate micro-circulation, provide better absorption of nutrients and pleasantly warm you up.


Rosemary oil is an extremely effective plant extract, when it comes to soothing inflammation. It is suited for problematic skin that requires an instant relief.


Rosemary oil does not only have healing properties, but is also responsible for effective skin, hair and nail care. It provides hydration, nutrition and improves the condition of your hair.


Rosemary oil is a good antioxidant that eliminates the harmful effects of free radicals, tones the skin and prevents from the appearance of premature signs of ageing.