Argan Oil: The best carrier oil for rosemary oil. Grow healthy and strong hair!

Rosemary oil seems to be just perfect if you want to stimulate hair follicles to more efficient work and grow long hair but… it won’t do much if you apply it solo. Why? Rosemary oil is a concentrated, highly irritating essential oil that neither should it be applied in its pure form to skin nor hair.

Before using, every essential oil has to be thinned first (note: even for bathing you must use no more than only a few drops of an essential oil). When it comes to hair care in particular, the final effects that you can achieve depend mostly on the natural oil you use as a carrier for rosemary oil. The best choice in this case is argan oil, which is one of the world’s most popular beauty oils. Today, we’re going to tell you how to blend beauty oil with essential oil to grow long, strong and glossy hair. We will also tell you which argan oil is the best one.


Argan oil: Why is it the best to treat hair?

Undoubtedly, rosemary oil is one of the best natural substances recognized as a hair growth stimulant – it targets weakened follicles. It makes hair grow longer and prevents thinning. Moreover, rosemary oil affects scalp, improves microcirculation and is responsible for boosting natural processes that occur in epidermis and hair matrix. However, to make it all happen, rosemary oil needs a carrier (in the form of natural beauty oil) which it has to be thinned with to prevent possible skin irritation.

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences. There is no point in putting them in their pure form on body and hair – when used solo, their effectiveness is marginal.

The thing is different with natural beauty oils that are commonly used solo because even without being enriched with essential oils they offer intensive beautifying and regenerating treatments. Obviously, not only do the treatments target hair but also body and face skin, too. Moreover, natural beauty oils serve a useful purpose when it comes to creating homemade beauty products, including thinning dense and concentrated essential oils.

NanoilMiniArganOil2Therefore, if you wish to heal your hair, grow it long or combat hair loss problem, you must know that there is no other beauty oil that will help you achieve this goal better than the world’s most popular oil – argan oil. Being extracted from Argania Spinosa kernels, it’s recognized as one of the most valuable organic materials of Morocco (this is the place where the highest quality argan oil comes from). Naturally, there are more essential oils than rosemary which you can use to combine argan oil with, although, argan oil in its pure version is already potent enough to provide your hair with beautifying and reinforcing treatment. Use it once a week to carry out hair oil treatment to see on your own skin how beautiful your hair may become.

Weak hair that falls out uncontrollably and remains on a comb in huge quantities after detangling – this is exactly what every third woman struggles with. Worse still, during the seasonal hair loss period or during winter when freezing weather and dry air generated by radiators take their toll, this hair thinning problem gets even more serious.

Here comes the good news, you don’t have to rush to a pharmacy to get some medicaments to prevent your hair from falling out. Instead, use the power of natural substances that people have been taking advantage of for centuries to beautify, strengthen, regenerate and boost volume of hair.

Reinforce your hair with the powerful duo of rosemary and argan oil!

The simplest way to achieve stunning hair is as follows: combine 3 drops of rosemary essential oil with 5 ml of high quality argan oil. Keep applying the blend to your hair twice a week to notice NanoilMiniArganOil3your strands gradually getting more elastic, strong and full of shine. Within 3-4 weeks you will be surprised how stunning your hair may look. Apart from the appearance enhancement, your hair will get longer too. After all, both oils are responsible for stimulating hair follicles and encouraging natural processes occurring in hair matrix. Additionally, owing to a high concentration of EFAs, approximately 100 active substances and other very characteristic chemical constituents for argan oil (e.g. vitamin E, phytosterols and flavonoids), this oil facilitates taking good care of hair. All the essential nutrients perfectly regenerate hair and leaves it noticeably beautified.

Which argan oil should you choose?

In order to help it create positive effects on hair and skin, the argan oil you choose should have high quality, which means that it can’t contain additives, silicones or parabens. It would be even better if you manage to find argan oil originating from organic farming and the one that is certified (e.g. Ecocert). All of these key and desirable features are combined in Nanoil Argan Oil – genuine argan oil that receives raving reviews and wins many prestigious rankings of reviewing top beauty products.

nanoil oil hair oil arganNanoil Argan Oil is 100% organic, pure, unrefined and cold-pressed beauty oil which high quality is mirrored in its incredibly high effectiveness. Thus, if you’re looking for a good carrier for your essential oils or if you want to use argan oil solo, as a separate hair boosting treatment, choose the best beauty oil – Nanoil Argan Oil.

Another advantage of Argan Oil by Nanoil is that it can be used in skin care too. The truth is, the uses that argan oil offers are almost limitless. If you want to learn all the benefits and more ways of applying this pure Moroccan oil, visit the official Nanoil website.

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